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I use a Bio/psycho/social/ approach to my counseling. I see peoples’ life like a wheel in the following areas: physical health, mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, and relationship to others health. Life requires constant balance in these areas and because of things that happen to us (environmental factors like a close family member dying), and how we cope or adapt to that environmental issue, the wheel can easily get out of balance in one or more of these areas. The truth is, is that we are all vulnerable to depression and anxiety at some point in our life either due to environmental factors (like a divorce), or medical factors (such as chronic pain). These emotional and environmental conditions are beyond our control.

Many medical issues such as heart attacks, strokes, chronic pain, dementia, and head injuries, for example are scientifically shown to be high risk factors for developing depression and anxiety. If a person is willing to take medications prescribed by their Health Care provider for depression and anxiety and seek Counseling (if it is recommended, or a person believes it would benefit them), there prognosis for recovery from there depression and anxiety as well as their prognosis for recovery from there medical condition is much improved. In this day and age we should do away with the stigma that we are “Crazy” if we need some help either through counseling, or through medical advice, or a combination of both for depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance abuse, and other types of mental illness, we should instead seek the best care options possible to treat our condition.



This type of therapy is scientifically proven to be a best practice therapy for Trauma. EMDR works well with our active duty military and our veterans who have had traumatic experiences or have PTSD. EMDR works well for most people who have experienced any type of intense trauma. This is a trauma focused therapy that requires some intense training on the counselors’ part and some very hard work on the clients’ part. The purpose of EMDR is to pull the trauma memory to the frontal lobe of the brain where it can be processed in an adaptive way rather then, remembering little bits and pieces of what happened. Our brain, to help us cope with trauma that is too stressful to handle at the time of it happening, suppresses trauma that is to emotionally overwhelming in our old brain or the primitive part of our brain. By using EMDR to process what happened to us physically, emotionally, and mentally and letting the brain process the whole story of the trauma stored in our memory, our mind and our emotions adjust to a more adaptive way of processing what happened. What happens after this adaptive information processing process is that something we had strong emotions about that impacted our present, past and future suddenly no longer has control of our emotions or our thoughts and possibly as a result of this even our health can improve.

I also do many other types of counseling and use other best practices therapies in my counseling such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The below list is the type of Mental Health or Substance Abuse Issues I will work with in my practice.

2. Mental Health counseling
3. Sexual Assault/sexual abuse
4. Substance abuse evaluations
5. Substance abuse counseling for teens
6. Alternative Substance Abuse and Mental Health Treatment for Adults using EMDR.
7. Anger Management
8. Domestic violence counseling
9. Co-Dependency
10. Pain management using EMDR
11. Grief Counseling
12. Veterans and Active Duty Military for PTSD and other MH issues as well as family issues.
13. Sports Enhancement
14. Ages 10 + (some younger children depending on nature of problem)

Types of payment accepted: EAP programs / insurance pay / Medicaid / Mt. Coop / MT kids Medicaid / Cash payments can be worked out.

Please call if you have any questions on the therapy I do, or the type of conditions I treat. I would be more than willing to answer your questions. For more on the EMDR Therapy I would say look it up on Utube, you can find a basic description and can see some clips on how it is used. I would recommend looking for clips that are listed under Dr. Francine Shapiros’ name for she is the Therapies founder, and is still very active teaching others to do EMDR, and is active in using it with her patients. The other Utube clips that are endorsed by EMDR or are official EMDR clips are excellent, and you can find many relaxation clips there also. Relax watch a relaxation Utube clip and enjoy.

Thank You,

Lance Eller LAC/LCPC
Masters in Professional Counseling
Bachelors in Social Work
Associates in Chemical Dependency Counseling
MT. Licensed in both Addictions and Mental Health
EMDR Certified Therapist Nation Wide

505 W. Main Suite 313
Phone Number is 535-6614
Fax= 535-6614

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