Laboratory ServicesWheatland Memorial Healthcare

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare offers a full service medical laboratory which provides a wide range of clinical laboratory services. We are affiliated with reference laboratories to provide services for specialized testing.

Our laboratory staff is comprised of Clinical Laboratory Scientists with extensive experience in the field. State-of-the-art equipment on site provides the technology essential to providing accurate and timely results to clinicians. Warm, friendly service balances our technological capability to provide personalized, high quality care.

Patient Instructions

All patients must register at Rural Health Clinic.


Some tests and screenings require that you fast before your blood is drawn. The laboratory defines fasting as no food (food includes candy, mints, gum and coffee) or drink for 12 hours prior to your blood draw. Patients may still take their medications and small amounts of water unless your physician has instructed otherwise.

Types of laboratory tests performed

  • Phlebotomy – Drawing your blood
  • Hematology – Anemia, infection etc…
  • Chemistry – Liver functions, kidney functions, blood sugar, cardiac
  • Immunohematology – Blood type, transfusion work-ups etc…
  • Urinalysis – Bladder infection, kidney etc…
  • Coagulation – Clotting factors, effectiveness of blood thinners etc…
  • Rapid Flu
  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Rapid Strep Testing
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Cholesterol
  • Thyroid Disorders

Insurance Coverage

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare participates with a large number of insurance plans. We do not participate with all managed care or preferred provider organization plans. We will be happy to bill your insurance company directly; however, you may receive invoices for copays, deductibles or balances that will be your responsibility. Check with your insurance provider to inquire about what tests/screenings they will cover.


Contact Us

If you have further questions, you can contact a laboratory representative by calling (406) 632-3121.

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