Plain Language Summary of Wheatland Memorial Healthcare’s Financial Assistance PolicyWheatland Memorial Healthcare

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare is committed to providing access to emergency and medically necessary healthcare services to patients who are uninsured or have limited insurance available.  All providers listed on the website are covered by the financial assistance policy.

Kelley Olson, PT
Adrie Min, PT
Nathanial Untalan, PT
Cindy Swan, NP
Sara Kate Hurley, FNP
Kary Engle, PA
Dr. McMahon
Jason Moore, PA
Dr. Hess
Dr. Klee

Financial assistance is available for those who have no means or limited means to pay for their medical services. The basis for those who qualify is established using a sliding fee schedule (which is based on the National Poverty Guidelines Scale for that calendar year).

Financial assistance may be available in other limited circumstances depending on the size of the patient’s medical bills and whether the patient meets certain other criteria for eligibility.

Patients may apply for financial assistance by completing the financial aid application. The application and the Wheatland Memorial Healthcare Financial Assistance Policy are available at

Financial Assistance Applications are also available:
1. Wheatland Memorial Healthcare
2. Rural Health Clinic
3. Requesting by mail by calling (406) 632-4351.

Completed applications may be delivered in person to the Patient Financial Services (Business Office) at 530 3rd ST NW, Harlowton, MT 59036 or mailed back to:

Wheatland Memorial Healthcare
ATTN: Business Office
PO Box 287
Harlowton, MT 59036

Persons seeking more information or needing assistance in completing the Financial Assistance Application may contract the Patient Finance Specialist at (406) 632-4351, EXT. 111.

A patient qualifying for financial assistance under Wheatland Memorial Healthcare’s financial assistance policy with respect to emergency or medically necessary healthcare services will not be charged more than the amount generally billed by Wheatland Memorial Healthcare for the same services to patients who have insurance covering such care.

Financial Assistance application


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