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Medical Equipment Wish for Wheatland Memorial Healthcare

We are in a Golden Age of Medical Innovation. This explosion of innovation means that the advanced medical technology of today will be eclipsed by something better and far more effective tomorrow. However, in an era of continuing changes to the health care system, coupled with ongoing cuts to Medicare payments and limited capital equipment budgets, all hospitals are looking for ways to fund the acquisition of needed new equipment.

At Wheatland Memorial Healthcare, all requests for new equipment are prioritized. Unfortunately, there are more requests for equipment than we have funding for at this time. That’s where you come in. Please consider making a gift to the foundation to help purchase┬ánew equipment.

For more information about this medical equipment, please contact the foundation office at (406) 632.3176.

Wish List items

* Dietary Cold Storage $5,000
* Travelers House, electrical, insulation $5,000
* Locum House, new furnace $3,000
* Resident room Blinds $2,000 (3 custom blinds per room)
* Clinic Chairs $1,500
* Nursing Home Bathroom (quote requested)
* Ultrasound unit $150,000 Radiology
* Floor buffer $5000

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